Q and A With Celebrity Vincent Law

Cancer Researcher to Vogue Italia Talent Contributor

Photography by Paige T. Spence & Edited by Paul M. Lee

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with Vincent Law

What are things that people do too much online that hurt their brand, in your marketing experience?

This may sound cliché, but “not being yourself” is one of the things that I personally think hurts people’s brands online. Often bloggers may fall into a trap of advertising products that clearly don’t fit. Their loyal fans and followers will see through it right away. Best practice in my opinion is to always revisit what made your brand so successful to begin with. Sometimes we get so caught up with what’s happening now and forget whom we really are. Listening to your followers could help you to stay on track.

When did you find your own unique style?

It’s hard to say “when” I found my own style. I remember as a child, I was drawn to avant-garde and colorful designs, and constantly alternated my looks depending how I felt that day. I was never the popular kid in class, because kids would call me “weird” and that I had “strange taste in fashion

How did you get to be a contributing writer of Vogue Italia, how did that occur?

It kind of just happened. I guess because I am huge advocate when it comes to discovering and supporting young emerging talents, which is really in line with what Vogue Italia's Vogue Talents is about.

I've been a regular collaborator/contributor since. Having been to many red carpet events, which has been your favorite experience and why?I think my most memorable experience thus far was attending the red carpet events at the Cannes Film Festival. All the men wore black tuxedos and everybody looked the same. You really couldn’t tell who’s import ant and who’s not unless you were someone like Brad Pitt. I tried to push the fashion boundary by adding a little twist to my red carpet look – I wore a waist-wrapped black leather kimono with gold trim and floral lining on top instead of a traditional blazer. The kimono was a custom piece

by Hong Kong-based designer Color Plan. Apparently, they loved it.

Being so talented and wearing many hats, what is your true passion in life?

My passion in life is to learn new knowledge, discover the unknown, and never be afraid to try things outside my comfort zone. I think sometimes we get too comfortable and content with where we are and forget that there is a whole universe out there to explore. Never stop being curious– that’s probably the reason why you see me in many hats.

Photography by Paige T. Spence & Edited by Paul M. Lee

Your blog, how did that begin and why did you end doing it?

My fashion and lifestyle blog called Binzento Vincente, started in 2011 shortly after I was recovered from a brain infection that nearly cost me my life. While sick in bed, I had flashbacks of all the things I’d done in the past which I wished I had told my family and friends. After recovery, I decided to start a personal blog to document my journey, things that I’ve learned and all the wonderful people that I’ve met. The blog slowly became a platform not only to show my passion, but also for other talents for exposure.

You changed your career in the last few years, tell us about what you do now doing Cancer research work?

I’ve never changed my career, just that I’ve been doing multiple things simultaneously and I don’t discuss much with people what I do for living. My major in post-secondary and graduate education was in molecular biology and cancer biology. I was always interested and involved in scientific research. It was a part of my “curiosity about life” personality. The fashion part of me was purely my love and passion for it, and I’ve worked hard to get to where I am today.

What is life like now in Florida?

Heat and humidity.

Do you plan to be in the fashion world and attend high end events still, what can people expect from following you on social media now you are in the USA?

US has a bigger collaboration space than in Canada, but the downside is that the competition is also much higher. Moving to the US for me doesn’t really change anything of what I've done in the past. I’ve been working international brands and with different people all over the world since the inception of my blog in Canada. I believe that the only difference now is I live by Eastern Time zone.

Photography by Paige T. Spence & Edited by Paul M. Lee

Where did you grow up?

I lived in Hong Kong until grade school, then moved to Canada, and am now in the US.

What are the biggest struggles you have had to face getting to where you are


Maintaining consistency. I think we all have that struggle at some point in time when we do the same thing over and over. Keeping a balance of work and play has helped me to overcome that.

What is your social media handle?


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