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Composite Art by Jamie Pruden and Photo by Sean Gordon

We interviewed Tyler while he was on his way up to Cold Lake, Alberta for pre-production work on his newest film he is shooting this coming May! He kindly chatted with us about all he has going on in his booming film career and about his nomination at his years' Alberta Screen Awards for 2018! Check out his podcast on our iTunes to hear more!

Tyler Duffy on Rutherford Manor, Kerstyn Karen of Moss + Fern Photography

Tyler Duffy is an emerging actor, writer, independent filmmaker, and motorcycle enthusiast from Alberta, Canada. Tyler has been described as a dark, edgy, multi-sided, and unpredictable artist with a brutally true perspective based on true grit. He has a passion for telling compelling gritty stories based on real life events. You can expect to see his work in many projects in 2019; mainly, Culprits; an award winning short drama about human trafficking that will be expanded into a full feature film, and an episodic horror/drama set in the 1920's titled Rutherford Manor.

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2019 AMPIA Rosie Awards Finalist for Best Promotional Production this April, 27th, in Edmonton. Composite Art by Jamie Pruden and Photo by Sean Gordon. Rutherford Manor is created by Preston Ewasiuk, including music composed by Daniel Martin and more. Author Konn Lavery wrote The Rutherford Manor novel.

Preston Ewasiuk is the creator of Rutherford Manor

Rutherford Manor – original digital series

Spalding Savidge (Tyler Duffy) is a loving husband and father who is willing to do anything, including despicable acts that will challenge his own unconventional morals, standards, and ethics to protect his family. As a member of the macabre Flesher clan of Rutherford Manor, he is no stranger to what others would consider unsound or even murderous. He is the families’ businessman and the man who cleans up the messes of his kin no matter how disturbing.

Everything begins to change in Spalding’s world when Father Lorcan Connolly, a priest on a holy mission to fight evil, comes to town. This warrior of God threatens all that Spalding holds dear; his marriage, children, shady business dealings, deadly family secrets, and his affair with a mistress. However, all is not what it seems with Father Lorcan. The family has never encountered a foe such as this before. Lorcan himself is capable of unimaginable actions to achieve his own sense of righteousness, control, and vicious agenda over others that leads to deadly consequences.

Spalding & Penny @rutherford.manor @rutherfordmanorhaunt. Photo by @seangordonphotography, @beautyintheblood

Spalding Savidge: @tylerduffyproduction Penny Darling Savidge: @samwithbellson Makeup: @mylifeisallart, @themakeupartspace, @rikki.artistry Hair: @filamentshair Costume: @theatregarage

Click to see a behind the scene photo of Hugh Flesher, Patrick Boisvert, Matt Nightingale, Hanako Nagao,Travis Simmons, Dylan Bennett Rhys Howard, Chase Axton.

Boom FM RAdio 95.3 had Tyler and Patty Cowden on their radio show to talk about the movie these two are shooting in May 2019!

The title of Tyler and Patty's film is "Moments in Spacetime."

"We have some big name actors for this project that we can’t go public with until we are done shooting. I’m looking forward to filming in Cold Lake for the month of May," shares Tyler.

Nut Milking EXPOSED

Collectively over 50 millions views on Youtube, which is Nominated at this year's Alberta Screen Awards April, 27th, 2019

Starring Tyler Duffy the project was nominated at the AMPIA'S for Best Directing, Best Editing, Best Cinematography and Tyler is nominated for Best Actor

Nick Saik at Know Ideas Media clearly had some fun making this video about “organic, grass-fed nuts” and the liquid that they get from them. Yes, it’s all very satirical.

Yet it’s timely as the U.S. the dairy industry is working to enforce the rules about what products can call themselves milk. Dairy farmers are making the case that nut milks aren’t really milks, because they don’t come from lactation. 

And though this video is satire, it asks a very serious and important question at the end.

In 3 years Tyler has been a part of many film projects to list a few;

Fallen Malayalam, Solace Wave Commander Sikes, Exu (post-production) Detective Jesse Miller, Give and Take (post-production) Junkie, John, 316 as Dr. Chanin 2015, Footprints in the Snow (Short) Doctor in 2018, Culprits (Video) Allen Noopes 2018, Off the Edge (TV Series) Hank 2018, Wynonna Earp (TV Series) Revenant, War Paint (2018), El Chicano FBI Agent 2018, Hold the Dark Hunter, Sex, Lies & Murder (TV Series), plays Thomas Lee Sehorne (2018), The Shocking Truth (TV Series) Officer #4. He was in The Shocking Truth: Saw (2018), Timber (TV Mini-Series) Lumberjack 2018, Damnation (TV Series), Black Legion (2018), Race Anonymous (Short) Kyle 2017, Are You Listening? A Pathway to Empathy (Short) plays Jason in 2017, Everfall Firefighter, Tommy Tremor (Short) plays Marsh 2017. He was in Fargo as a Stock Broker, The Lord of No Mercy (2017), The Detour (TV Series) Delivery Man, The Mule (2017), Benny the Brick (Short) Leo 2015, Refraction (Short) Big Thug 2015, Hell On Wheels AMC's TV Series) seen as a Mormon Foreman (2015).

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