Serinda Swan Is The Next Big CBC Star on Coroner -Who Is An Activist

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Muse Entertainment, Back Alley Films and Cineflix Studios are delighted to announce production is underway for season two of the CBC hit original drama series CORONER . Last season’s #1 new English-language Canadian series* returns with more buzzworthy cases and compelling character drama, starring Serinda Swan (Inhumans, Ballers) as coroner Dr. Jenny Cooper. CORONER season two is scheduled to debut on CBC and the free CBC Gem streaming service in Winter 2020 and expected to return to the UK, Australia, France, Spain, Germany, Africa, Poland, Latin America and Brazil in 2020. Inspired by the best-selling series of books by M.R. Hall and created for television by Morwyn Brebner (Saving Hope, Rookie Blue), the series is currently being filmed in various locations in Toronto, Ontario.

Building on the critical and ratings success of the hit first season, CORONER season two returns to Toronto where Jenny Cooper continues her mission to speak for the dead to protect the living. In the aftermath of a devastating apartment fire, Jenny struggles to control a dangerous new outlet for her anxiety. Meanwhile, a witness to the fire draws Detective Donovan McAvoy into a hidden side of the city. The season dives deeper into what it means to live in the face of death. Jenny must trust her instincts, as her father’s dementia worsens, her son turns 18, and her now-live-in boyfriend Liam is confronted by his own push and pull with death. Every body has a story – and this season, Jenny must figure out the story her own body’s telling.

CORONER stars Swan as Dr. Jenny Cooper with Roger Cross (Dark Matter, Caught) as Donovan McAvoy; Éric Bruneau (Goalie, Blue Moon) as Liam; Ehren Kassam (Degrassi, Next Class) as Ross; Nicholas Campbell (Da Vinci’s Inquest, Bad Blood) as Gordon Cooper; Tamara Podemski (Never saw it Coming) as Alison Trent; Andy McQueen (Killjoys) as Malik Abed; and Kiley May (It Chapter Two) as River Baitz. Joining the cast this season are Nicola Correia-Damude (October Faction) as Kelly, a survivor of the apartment fire who makes a connection with Jenny, and Olunike Adeliyi (Workin' Moms) as Noor, a social worker who will do anything to protect her clients.


Serinda Swan was born in West Vancouver, B.C., to a family of artists, including her mother, an actress, and her father, a theatre director with a well-established acting school. Serinda actually gravitated to the arts and at three was personally chosen for the role in her first motion picture, Cousins with Ted Danson and Isabella Rossellini.

Swan was introduced to the world in popular TV shows such as Smallville and Supernatural in Vancouver. She is most proud of her roles in Feud, Ballers, Marvels and Humans and Coroner.

She got her ’big break’ in Disney’s TRON: Legacy opposite Beau Garrett, Olivia Wilde and Jeff Bridges, as well as The Baytown Outlaws with Billy Bob Thornton.

She then made her move to Los Angeles, where she was able to work opposite the ‘The Rock’ in HBO’s Ballers and Jessica Lang and Susan Sarandon in Feud. Recently was a lead in Marvels and Humans which led her to her drastic change in appearance with having shaved her head for her role! Which allowed her to explore her new diverse starring role in Coroner!

Additionally, she starred in the thriller entitled The Veil, opposite William Moseley. Swan recently wrapped Blood on Wheels, a feature produced by James Franco.

Outside of her busy acting career, Swan’s true passion is activism. In 2011 she became an official ambassador of Friends to Mankind, an organization that partners with non-profits to raise awareness and funds through educational campaigns. Swan has cycled across Cambodia, installed nets in Africa, and skydived from 18,000 ft., the highest jump in North America, in hopes of encouraging others to take a stand and make a difference. She has helped raise over one million dollars to date for various charities and causes close to her heart. Swan is the CEO and Co-Founder of the education technology company, Deedly. Her belief is that education should be free, and through their specific month-long curriculum they educate students about world issues and the charities that strive to fix them. Deedly will be in more 1000 schools by the end of the year.

Serinda Swan | Jenny Cooper stars in Coroner. Photo by CBC

"We have been one of Serinda's biggest fans from seeing season one of Coroner on CBC. We have rewatched it on CBC GEM over 20 times. We can't wait to see season 2!" - I'm Here With Mag



by Blaine Schlechter

Congratulations on the Season 2 pickup of Coroner – which starts production soon. You’ve lived through a few of these, but it never gets old I’m sure; when you got the call saying you were coming back again to play Jenny Cooper, did you do anything special to celebrate?

I think I did a random dance in my apartment first and foremost, because you just want to celebrate and you want to let out some of the energy that you’re holding. Even though there was a good feeling from the get-go with this show, that it was going to go at least another season, you never know…this industry surprises you in good ways, bad ways and ugly ways. It’s an energy you’re carrying along, it’s another character…it’s another person. I have to keep Jenny close until I know that I can release her and so for me it was sort of that inhale of…’ok, here we go again’. I get to bring Jenny along for another year of life, which is incredibly rewarding and exciting.

Ep. 106, "Confetti Heart" Jenny Cooper (Serinda Swan). Photo: Steve Wilkie

Playing a Coroner is kind of a unique role to play, especially as a lead character. Were there any special skills you had to learn to portray this character?

Any character that you play you have to go in and make sure that you have the tools to be able bring them to life, whether that’s physically, emotionally, mentally…whatever it is, you need to make sure that you can pull from personal experience, but then you can really immerse yourself in their own experience and skill set. Whether that’s playing a super hero and I have to learn how to fight (or) I have to learn how to stand like a warrior to I need to learn what it’s like to suffer from panic attacks, or I need to know the ins and outs of an autopsy or the hierarchy and the pathology of the coroner system. So I read a lot of books, I went to an actual autopsy, I called real coroners…I did a lot of research to try to ground Jenny in as much of her own humanity as I could.

Coroner not only films in Toronto, but the series is based in and identified as Toronto and it’s great to see the unique neighborhoods in the show. Do you get to do a lot of location shooting in and around the city?

We shot a lot within Toronto, like the downtown core; you’ll see the TIFF building and certain things like that. Jenny’s house is out in Pickering. We shoot all over Toronto and I love that. We’re a Canadian show, by Canada, for Canada, written by Canadians, starring a Canadian, set in Canada. Yet we’re so very universal and I always say that through specificity you have universality and that’s something that our show is sort of a testament to.

Ep. 101 - "Black Dog" Jenny Cooper (Serinda Swan) walks into the autopsy suite for the first time. Photo by Steve Wilkie

Personally…I was a big fan of Breakout Kings and your character of Erica Reed and was pretty bummed when it ended after season 2. For you, is there a particular character that you’ve played in the past that you wish you could have done more with or played longer?

Most characters you always keep close and you want to keep portraying them because you get to dive deeper into that character. I think for me it was actually Anne Bancroft in Feud. I did one of the guest stars on that show and it was so incredible to get to play a character that was not a character, it was a real human being. So some studying that I had to do there to really embody Anne and to be able to look at old interviews and see how she used her hands and how she laughed or how she held herself and it’s such a crazy responsibility, but it was so much fun. It was such an incredible opportunity and so much fun to be able to be in her energy and it’s very different from creating your own energy for a character, rather than deep diving into something that already pre-exists through another person.

Photography by Kenny Sweeny

I’m sure it would be a little different preparing for a role like that?

Its fun…it was amazing. As an actor, that’s just a different well…it’s in exterior study instead of an interior study and that’s really fun for me. There were definitely nights before shooting where I was like ‘oh my gosh’! I mean, she was such an incredible actress, just incredible and so just to even have a little bit of that energy inside of you and be able to play a small part and bring her essence to the screen just was really, really amazing.

Ep. 108, "Bridges", Jenny Cooper (Serinda Swan) and Liam Bouchard (Eric Bruneau) have a heart to heart. Photo by Peter Stranks

Inspired by the best-selling series of books by M.R. Hall and created by Morwyn Brebner (Saving Hope), CORONER is a character-driven one-hour drama about Dr. Jenny Cooper (SERINDA SWAN), a recently widowed new coroner who investigates suspicious, unnatural or sudden deaths in Toronto. The series reflects the rich diversity of Toronto, and each case brings Jenny into a new arena in the city, touching on buzz-worthy themes. Jenny taps into her intuition as much as her intellect and heart as she solves cases with the help of homicide detective Donovan McAvoy (ROGER CROSS), a man who isn’t afraid of challenging the status quo; pathologist Dr. Dwayne Allen (LOVELL ADAMS-GRAY) and his assistant River Baitz (KILEY MAY); and Alison Trent (TAMARA PODEMSKI), Jenny’s assistant who keeps it real. And while Jenny solves mysterious deaths, she also deals with clinical anxiety; a teenage son, Ross (EHREN KASSAM), who is still grieving the death of his father; and the prospect of starting a new relationship with the enigmatic Liam (ÉRIC BRUNEAU).

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