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Learn more about healing from within with Kunda Body owner REBECKA DAWN


Welcome to Kunda Body, Stress and pain relief to feel renewed and relaxed today with posture alignment, reiki, energy massage, psychosomatic release and body talk!

Kunda Founder

FULL BODY ALIGNMENT COACH Rebecka is the founder and CEO of Kunda Body. Intuitive Body Worker, Psychosomatic energetic therapist and Yoga Instructor. Certified and embodied in many modalities, she is your best guide to full body alignment with your Mind, Emotions and Body. Constantly thriving to acquire new knowledge, her high uplifting approach and authentic energy will take you from victim to victor. The value and results you create with Rebecka will bring a true state of well being and lasting health for your renewed body. Rebecka understands the body inside and out, she works with your body naturally and organically to start you on your permanent release process.

Rebecka's Journey

Rebecka is an expert in pain release and pain management therapy; she is the best at body pain breakthroughs! Rebecka has a non judgmental and authentic approach, she is straight to the point allowing you to understand your body and get true results. Rebecka will push you forward on your new and improved body break through. This is Rebecka’s story surviving 9 car accidents none of which were at fault and 7 death experiences Rebecka had so much pain and trauma her body quit, she was forced to change her career. Rebecka used food to heal from the inside out and she starting eating right for her blood type. Rebecka used tools such as positive thinking and visualization focus, breathing, meditation, yoga, and psychosomatic therapy to cure her body and her life consciously. She understood every second counts every breath matters. Rebecka had one thing clear; her vision she was determined and focused to get healthy. Working one breath one moment at a time, it was not easy it was a brutal struggle every day of her life. She did the work and it worked.

Rebecka had a passion for health and healing, she understood a system of mechanics to heal her body to obtain real results. If it worked for her body, then it would work for everybody. Rebecka constructed Kunda body as a custom revolutionary program written for the future of holistic health. Designed for healing exchange of self healing as two heads are better than one. Its time to take our health in our own hands, this is a new outlook on therapy. Using all modalities and working on all levels from the surface to the core for true lasting results. One day your vision becomes your belief and your reality becomes your dreams.

Psychosomatic Release

Intuitive psychosomatic release massages aims to connect mind and body using breath and body talk and acupressure work to release deep core pain. $95. Reg $160

Swedish Energy massage

Allows you to let go of stress and pain to truly relax with a massage for your energy body and physical body. $59. Reg $100

Posture Alignment

Customer receives a thorough analysis of how they stand, walk and sit to assess their posture issues and ways to alleviate them. $65. Reg $100.



REBECKA DAWN: Welcome to design your life studio building to Kunda Body. Welcome.

IHW: You have such a beautiful space here.

REBECKA: Well, welcome. Clients that come in, we like them to feel like it's like a second home, but they can come in and relax, take a load off their mind, take a load off their heart, and most importantly, take the pressure on the baggage off their body.

IHW: So when did you first find your spiritual self in order to help others?

REBECKA: Ooh, that might be a question to sit down for her. I had my own health issues. Probably about 10 years ago now, and I was running from appointment to appointment. I was running two different physio appointments, doctors, massages, psychologists, reiki.

I was trying everything. I have had over nine car accidents in my time. I'm only 35 years old, and the last car accident wasn't a major one, but it was one that really did take me out. So that's how I got started on my own healing journey. So that I could feel better.

IHW: How is your healing journey going, how are you feeling?

REBECKA: I'm feeling good. And it's funny because everyone probably thinks I'm in perfect tip, top shape. But the thing about the body is it's constantly spiraling back to all the things that we have experienced on our bodies. So that's why Kunda Body is beautiful because kunda actually means. Spiral. So what happened is I actually hurt my knee, three weeks ago. So my knee was a sports injury 10 years ago, and it gave me trouble on and on and on and off. I just thought it was a sports injury. I started listening to it a little deeper.

I started paying attention to the words, the thoughts, the emotions, the physical of it, and the energy parts of things. I started to connect things with my brothers. My brothers have had a lot of issues and when they're in trouble, my knee acts up. I have no idea why those two are connected. This pain is on the right side of my body. The right side of my body holds all my masculine energies. When my brothers are, are going through issues in their tissues, so do I. So the knee has to do with flexibility. You can stand up with your knees. You can bend your knees. So it has to do with flexibility.

In my own realm of healing, I needed to become more flexible in an area that I wasn't being flexible. So even my own pain starts to come back and spiral back just like everybody else. I take care of myself just like everybody else does. I wish I had myself to massage myself, but that's where I can teach other people.

That's kind of where I started my healing journey. Even my sister, she thinks I should be in perfect condition too. But if I was perfect and everyone else is imperfect, that doesn't work. We're always constantly spiraling between what's perfect and what's imperfect. We're trying to find that balance all the time.

Personally, my own family line, when it comes to energy, they practice a lot of witchcraft, black magic, and I never did. But I did reap the, the consequences of them because of my ancestors.

IHW: It follows through, that's what we were chatting about earlier, how past lives affects today's life.

REBECKA: When I started in my journey I wanted to be a fashion designer and a hairstylist. As I always say, I went from vanity to insanity. But I love that because this is my path now. So when I was working in fashion and hair styling that's when I noticed I wasn't getting what was in my heart.

I wasn't manifesting what was here. There was all this other junk that I was experiencing and I couldn't relate to it. I would be like, okay, next, next chapter, next day, next life, and I couldn't resonate with my life. So I needed answers. And I was really young. I must've been about 15 years old.

IHW: You were going through this at 15 wow.

REBECKA: I really noticed a lot in my family. A lot of different energy patterns, a lot of different cycles, a lot of different things to Jen didn't match up, so I started questioning this over the last 10 to 15 years. My sister, she practiced black magic and she's actually passed now. Her passing inspired me to get into all this healing, get into all this energy work, get into crystals and reiki and, and, and even tearo cards using that tool to communicate with us.

Well, and it's actually quite interesting how we are tied to all these different strings of things. We're loaded with this whole plate before we even get a chance to present what's in our heart.

IHW: How did you go through your own healing and find yourself within it?

REBECKA: Oh my goodness. By not quitting. Don't quit. Don't quit on yourself. Ever. There's been so many times where I did want to quit, where it's like, I quit. I suck and am in pain. Nobody has answers. But number one is just don't quit on yourself. Like you're worth that you're worth it to keep going no matter what. Even if you have nothing it doesn't even matter if you have no dollar to your name, you never want to quit on yourself. So that's where I started is I needed answers and I didn't want to quit on myself. And from there it's been a process. It's a journey. It's a path.

I had to unfortunately quit hairdressing lifestyle that I had, quit all the fashion and the makeup and all that stuff. My back would seize out when I would go to, so when I would do hair or do makeup, everything would just scream no more. Then I started listening and I started getting involved in touching people in a healing sense.

And my friends, I started shared they thought I was really good at healing and massage. It was funny because I was doing art outside the body. Now I feel like I'm doing art from within the body, so I can teach people how to work within their body to get out different weeds, different, I call it Jumanji.

IHW: How do you think that people's mindset could be changed and realizing that to work on the inside first?

REBECKA: That's a great question. As an example even today I had a client who kept insisting that her pinch nerve came from work. Absolutely. That's where it started. And that's what happened. But that's not the root cause. I sought the root problem. Dealing with it. Other issues. She was complaining about the lower back. So the lower back harnesses, energy of victimization, helplessness. So over the last almost 10 to 15 years of my training and my study and my practice and pure observation, working with clients, I notice a lot of this stuff coming from communication.

Our word . What is our words saying, so how can I present this to people? It's just education, sharing them with their own body. It was, it was beautiful at first because my client at first wasn't, she was open to it, but she wasn't really opening up to the fact that it was beyond the work problem, beyond the work issue, that this could have been causing the problem.

As we get into it slowly and slowly, she was open to the fact, maybe I should be looking at a root cause because this appointment didn't work. This appointment and work. This appointment didn't work, and those appointments would never work until you find out to the root issue of the body and the body's like a child.

Your spirit and body likes to play just like a kid. Unfortunately, we were not taught how to play with our bodies the way we should be playing from the inside out.

IHW: So it's a great opportunity for people to listen and learn from you to realize there is more. We all know that there is more to life than just the physicality of what we all have going on!





Kunda Body #1 2219 35 Ave NE 403-879-1734



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