Canadian Star Chad Rook

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Chad Rook by Chris Singer

Canadian Male Lead of Extremity

We asked the very talented Canadian actor and male lead of Extremity Chad Rook about working with Anthony DiBlasi and he shared. "I was first approached for the film, Extremity by the writers and producer. They explained the premise of the film and what an extreme haunt was, I was immediately interested in reading the script. After reading the role of Red Skull (aka “Bob”), I knew this was definitely a film that was up my alley. See, I was raised with horror films and it was a genre that I hadn’t been a part of for several years, so this was a perfect opportunity to jump back into something I loved. When I found out that it was being directed by Anthony DiBlasi and headed by both David B. and Rebecca Swan, I knew that I would be in good hands and that the film would be done right and I wasn’t disappointed. Being on set of Extremity playing a character like Red Skull who is kind of the mastermind behind the extreme haunt in the film was surreal. You always watch horror-based characters in films like the Freddy Krugers or the Michael Myers and even though my character wasn’t “from the dead” it still had that cool factor of holy. I’m playing the boogeyman of the film. It was an awesome experience to use my acting skills in a different manner, the way that David B. and Rebecca Swan had envisioned it and the way that Anthony had made it a reality on set, was just a really cool thing to be a part of. Everything from the story line to the characters to the sets to the very creepy masks created by the legendary, Simon Sayce. This was just too good to not be a part of."


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